Matt’s Why?

My passion comes from creatively inspiring and helping people to live in the present moment, in order to achieve full potential and create the best possible future. Be The Champion Of You!

Who Am I & What Do I Do?

I have an amazing wife, Lucy and two children, who inspire me every day and fuel my passion to help people and make the world a better place. Please take a look at my videos & podcasts to find out more.

I strive to be a creative catalyst, and for the past 20 years (working at NCR, DHL & now SAP) I have been enabling and challenging people to think differently, whilst being present and creating their best possible future.

I combine my experience in Design Thinking, Life Centered Design, Business Leadership, Facilitation, Storytelling, Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, and coaching all underpinned with Mindfulness to help people and organisations innovate and transform, with laser focus on the most important thing, all life on our planet.

I am a Mindfulness Teacher, at SAP’s Global Mindfulness Practice and passionate about developing a Mindful culture. In the workplace I teach the Search Inside Yourself Programme, which was originally developed within Google and is now a not-for-profit organisation. Take a look at this article I wrote which explains more about how we are developing a Mindful workplace at SAP.

I am an Advisory Board Member of the Global Mindful Workplace Community, part of the Mindfulness Initiative. I am also a coach trained by Erickson International.

In my spare time I am a Cub Scout Leader and really enjoy giving back to the Scouting Movement, who were such an instrumental part of my development, and still continue to be!