Mindfulness With Matt

We are all in this together.

“Mindfulness With Matt” – free guided Meditation sessions (secular / non-religious) every Thursday at 8:10pm UK time. Maybe you’re feeling a bit weird right now, slightly overwhelmed, stressed, indifferent? Or you just want to take the opportunity to connect, be present and develop your Mindfulness practice? This session is suitable for absolute beginners and those with experience.

I am piloting this approach and welcome you to join for a 20 minute session via Zoom conference online. Note: If you have any current mental health problems including depression, anxiety, PTSD, or addictions to drugs / alcohol then please understand that this Mindfulness meditation practice is most likely not the right thing for you at this time.

Please register your details here, all registrations will be reviewed by Matt before your place is confirmed.

Replay Previous Sessions

1 – Why & What of Mindfulness – 26th March 2020
The Why & What of Mindfulness, Focused Attention Guided Meditation (Starts at 14m44s) & Mindfulness Support Recommendations. Duration 29m45s.

2 – Self Compassion & Kindness – 2nd April 2020
Self Compassion & Kindness Definition from Kristen Neff, Self Compassion & Kindness Meditation (Starts at 9m), Poem – Be Kind To Yourself, Edward Coles, Mindfulness Support. Duration: 22m56s.

Here are the links I promised you:
Be Kind To Yourself, Edward Coles
Kristin Neff – Discover The Power of Self Compassion – Free Teachings – Highly Recommended
Meditation on Insight Timer – “I would like to give you permission”, Sarah Blondin – Amazing!