Mindfulness With Matt

We are all in this together.

“Mindfulness With Matt” – free guided Meditation sessions (secular / non-religious) every Thursday at 8:10pm UK time. Maybe you’re feeling a bit weird right now, slightly overwhelmed, stressed, indifferent? Or you just want to take the opportunity to connect, be present and develop your Mindfulness practice? This session is suitable for absolute beginners and those with experience.

I am piloting this approach and welcome you to join for a 20 minute session via Zoom conference online. Note: If you have any current mental health problems including depression, anxiety, PTSD, or addictions to drugs / alcohol then please understand that this Mindfulness meditation practice is most likely not the right thing for you at this time. If you are not sure and want to get in contact with me directly please do – matt@championofyou.com

Please register your details to join the weekly sessions here, all registrations will be reviewed by Matt before your place is confirmed.

Replay Previous Sessions

1 – Why & What of Mindfulness – 26th March 2020
The Why & What of Mindfulness, Focused Attention Guided Meditation (Meditation starts at 14m44s) & Mindfulness Support Recommendations. (Total duration 29mins.)

2 – Self Compassion & Kindness – 2nd April 2020
Self Compassion & Kindness Definition from Kristen Neff, Self Compassion & Kindness Meditation (Meditation starts at 9m), Poem – Be Kind To Yourself, Edward Coles, Mindfulness Support. (Total duration: 23mins).

Here are the links I promised you:
Be Kind To Yourself, Edward Coles
Kristin Neff – Discover The Power of Self Compassion – Free Teachings – Highly Recommended
Meditation on Insight Timer – “I would like to give you permission”, Sarah Blondin – Amazing!

3 – Body Scan, Breath Awareness, Healing Visualisation – 9th April 2020
On this one we move almost directly into the Meditation (Meditation starts at 1m45s) through to the end of the session, this is a particularly powerful and important practice, particularly given the Covid-19 challenges at the time of recording. I highly recommend incorporating this powerful meditation into your practice. This is also a great meditation to use before, or to help promote sleep; and many of you have asked me specifically about how to help with sleep. (Total duration 20mins).

4 – The Mountain Meditation, by Jon Kabat-Zinn – 16th April 2020
I bring you one of my favourite visualization meditations from Jon Kabat-Zinn (Meditation starts at 2m50s). Enjoy! (Total duration 25mins)

5 – Connecting with the wisdom of your heart: Heart Meditation – 23rd April 2020
The heart is not just a blood pump. It includes a system of about 40,000 neurons, which some researchers call the “heart brain” or “little brain.” It sends information to the head brain that affects cognition and perception, it emits an electromagnetic field that extends several feet from the body in all directions and is far stronger than the brain’s, and there are indications that it can form memories and generate feelings on its own, all of which the heart meditation will help you connect to. Credit to Dean Sluyter for the inspiration for this meditation. (Meditation starts at 8m30s) (Total duration 20mins).

6 – Open Awareness – 30th April 2020
With open awareness, we practice being aware of thoughts and emotions without getting hooked by them. (Meditation starts at 6m50s). (Total duration 20m38s)

7 – Playfulness – 7th May 2020
The importance of playfulness in our lives and a playfulness visualization meditation (Meditation starts at 5m30s). (Total duration 23m11s)

8 – Gratitude – 14th May 2020
Practicing gratitude and developing greater awareness of what we are grateful for in our lives. (Meditation starts at 4m55s). (Total duration 20m59s)

9 – Connecting with Nature – 21st May 2020
In this meditation, you focus on the essential elements of fire, air, earth, water and ether and their qualities to bring your awareness to the energies we share with nature. Filmed live in the Hampshire countryside. (Duration 17m53s)