A few videos of me talking about life, work, mindfulness and emotional intelligence

Being Present – My Mindfulness Story
November 2018

Mindfulness In Business – Why We Need Simplicity To Handle Complexity
March 2019
Live at SAP InnovationX event, London.

Parham Vasaiely and Matt Champion will share practical experience of why mindfulness in the workplace is bringing about a new state of consciousness within their respective organisations. The session will explore why we need mindfulness? How to establish mindfulness in the workplace? And the benefits mindfulness enables at both human and organisational levels. You will also learn how Jaguar Land Rover’s Mindfulness programme is helping them to establish a foundation for an Agile culture and approach.

Uncovering The People – Mindfulness & Design Thinking In The Workplace
June 2018
A live interview with Caroline Garstang, NGA Human Resources. (Broadcast starts at 2m34s)