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A few videos & podcasts of me talking about life, work, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Being Present – My Mindfulness Story

SAP User Group Podcast – The 3M’s Of Positivity – Part 1
April 2021

I had the pleasure of joining Craig Dale, CEO of the SAP UKI User group, Sophie Bennett, Author of the “5 Flames of Motivation” and Simon Nichols, owner of Thrive, a mental health and wellbeing company.

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SAP InnovationX Panel Interview – Right Here, Right Now, The Mindful Workplace
April 2020

GSK, SAP and The Mindful Workplace Community discuss how Mindfulness is being successfully implemented in the workplace, including the benefits, insights and practical advice for how you can get started at a personal and organisational level.

SAP InnovationX Podcast with Dr Julia Jones – Experience Management & Music
April 2020

Dr Julia Jones, Chief Executive at Found In Music and I speaking about why music’s effects on the brain can drive better experience and engagement for both customers and employees.

Mindful Workplace Community Launch Event
February 2020

In February 2020 at an event hosted by HSBC at their London HQ, we launched the Mindful Workplace Community: a professional network for individuals and organisations who champion, commission and deliver workplace mindfulness training. Wherever you are in the world, you can join now via to build connections, share insights and access curated resources.  See the video of the event below, including my presentation of Mindfulness in the workplace at SAP.

Music Fuels Experience
December 2019

“We believe that music fuels experience”. Matt Champion, Customer Innovation Director & Mindfulness Teacher at SAP interviews Dr Julia Jones, CEO & Founder of Found In Music (aka @DrRockUK). Matt & Julia discuss how crucial Music is to our well-being both in our personal and professional lives, and how SAP and Found In Music partnered to run a pioneering music workplace pilot in 2019.

The Mindful Workplace at SAP & Jaguar Land Rover
March 2019

Parham Vasaiely and Matt Champion will share practical experience of why mindfulness in the workplace is bringing about a new state of consciousness within their respective organisations. The session will explore why we need mindfulness? How to establish mindfulness in the workplace? And the benefits mindfulness enables at both human and organisational levels. You will also learn how Jaguar Land Rover’s Mindfulness programme is helping them to establish a foundation for an Agile culture and approach.